Fit Pregnancy: “It’s a concept that can certainly be of use to all new dads, regardless of their lifestyles or age groups… The suggestions put forth by Daddy Caddy aren’t mandatory; they don’t have that to-do list feel.”




Parents Magazine: “Anything that can automatically prompt my husband to do anything sounds like a winner to me. ”





Women’s Health: “Why have tips for guys instead of the new mom just asking for what they need? It can come across as nagging when the mom does it. But if her partner simply chips in voluntarily, all of a sudden it seems considerate and thoughtful…and then everybody wins.”





Scary Mommy: “It doesn’t matter how many baby books you read, how much advice your Facebook friends give you, how many classes you take. Nothing can prepare you for having a baby. It’s challenging, unpredictable, and often overwhelming … Fear not, Daddy Caddy is here to help!”