It’s the classic relationship conundrum: Dad wants to help, but can’t read Mom’s mind. This is where Daddy Caddy throws an assist, by answering the question “What can Dad do?” so that an exhausted Mom doesn’t have to. Each task that Dad does is one less thing Mom has to worry about, and every thoughtful gesture means twice as much when Mom didn’t have to suggest it.

My husband Jay and I came up with the idea for Daddy Caddy following the birth of our daughter Lia in 2015. We realized that parenting books teach new parents how to take care of the baby, but none focus on how to take care of Mom, who is still recovering after childbirth.

Our goal is to offer the most successful tips using the feedback from Dads who have tried them. We’ll keep adding new ones into the mix, since we know different things work for different couples. Give us a try! Daddy Caddy is here to help the transition to parenthood. Believe me, if we could give you a little extra sleep, we would. We’re rooting for you!


Women’s Health Magazine, March 2016:

“Why have tips for guys instead of the new mom just asking for what they need? … It can come across as nagging when the mom does it. But if her partner simply chips in voluntarily, all of the sudden it seems considerate and thoughtful…and then everybody wins.”